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Does The Taxpayer Really Need To Pay for Whiskey Promotion Overseas?

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September 07, 2005

Does The Taxpayer Really Need To Pay for Whiskey Promotion Overseas?

David Kiley

A source of mine called me today and casually mentioned that he and a liquor company executive were off to Eastern Europe to promote the sale of Bourbon in emerging markets. The tab is being paid by us, the taxpayers. An $80,000 grant from the Department of Agriculture, it seems, is paying for the junket, and another to Chile.

Memo to the Washington: When you start looking for places to cut the budget to help pay for Katrina relief, can you at least begin by cutting programs like bourbon to Bulgarians and cheese to Chileans, and just make the companies pay for this stuff themselves out of their own marketing budgets. Liquor companies are enjoying huge profits these days as young drinkers increasingly blow their paychecks on $30.00 bottles of booze instead of $6.00 sixes of beer. Looking at subsidies of corporate marketing budgets would be a better place to look for cuts rather than cutting a penny of...I don't know...FEDERAL FUNDING THAT WOULD HELP STATES TO BUILD NEW SCHOOLS!!!!!.

A blog is a terrible place to rant....I know.

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