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September 02, 2005

Podcast Aggregation

Heather Green

AOL has joined iTunes and Odeo in offering a podcast aggregation service/directory. I expect other big portals and search engines to follow, which makes sense for them. But I am not sure it it makes sense for the content companies, whether it's NPR or CBS, to run to those aggregators. That one more time, helps bolster the audience of these portals or search engines and draws an audience away from the site of the companies that are creating the content. The question is how do you get around it? Ironically, maybe through podcast or RSS newsreader services. They at least put more control in the hands of consumers. (Via Steve Rubel)

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If you want wide spread availability of your podCasts, don't you need to go where the listeners are and where they will find them? The portals are the easiest way to do this. I know I use iTunes exclusively now so if it's not listed there I'm not subscribing. There is nothing I really, really need to get or listen to until it arrives in the iTunes directory.

Posted by: PXLated at September 2, 2005 02:05 PM

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