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Q: Which side makes mistakes? A: Stop talking about sides

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August 23, 2005

Q: Which side makes mistakes? A: Stop talking about sides

Stephen Baker

A blogger named David Lorenzo had me writing for The New York Times. (Believe me, I wasn't insulted.) He later posted a correction , which led to a discussion about accuracy in the media, the blogs vs MSM. I'm getting tired of this back-and-forth. Here's my comment to the post:

I would remove what I consider to be an arbitrary division between blogs and mainstream. Some publishers, whether ink-and-paper or blogs, will earn a reputation for fairness, accuracy and accountability. Others will not. Everyone, being human, will continue to make mistakes. The upside when you make a mistake, as I did recently, is that it hopefully will put you back on your toes.

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I've been studying web search, for my own reasons. It's funny how Google makes finding things so simple and how ad revenues are growing. I'm not against ads or anything that promotes business. If people can't find your product or service with Google, you might want to forget about being in business.

Wow 2,270,000,000 for search in 0.19 seconds with Google. I seached Google for the term search and the first link was, "AltaVista provides the most comprehensive search experience on the Web!" I had to laugh that Google was second on the Google results list. There was a sponsored link for "Millions of people are owed money & Don't know it. Search for yours now" and "Find anything out about anybody. Search public and private records."

Coming in fifth was alltheweb, "Search tool owned by Yahoo and using its database, but presenting results differently." The kids are getting high on information. Maybe Google will do what Yahoo has done and start a search that presents results differently and call it allthenet. Can you believe it's not butter? Go figure.

Posted by: Jim Dermitt at August 23, 2005 10:48 PM

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