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Sphere Glass

Sphere Glass, the latest offering from Nathan Allan Glass Studios, is designed for vertical wall partitions, backbars, side lites, door lites, feature walls, and overhead hanging panels. When specified in a range of background colored panels, the 3D glass is designed with clear spheres to pick up the background color. If clear glass or crystal-clear glass is used as the background panel, colored spheres in light green, blue green, blue, aqua blue, gray, bronze, clear, and crystal clear can be specified. The raised sphere elements are produced in three standard diameters, although larger sizes are possible. As the background panels are safety tempered, Sphere is available for both commercial and residential applications. Currently, the glass is specified in a number of projects, including a Las Vegas casino, several corporate office projects, and a spa for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. For one custom project, the Spheres are designed with a 24" diameter and a 4" protrusion. Nathan Allan Glass Studios, Richmond, British Columbia.

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