"How Purcell Lost His Way" (Finance, July 11, 2005)

"How Purcell lost his way" (Finance, July 11) said that Wachovia Corp. (WB) did not have an investment bank in 2004. It should have said the bank had only a small investment bank.

A listing of lost personal data ("The big picture," Up Front, July 4) should have noted that 40 million hacked credit-card numbers included losses from Visa International and American Express (AXP) cardholders, not just those of MasterCard.

In "The pause that refreshes" (Personal Business, July 4), Brian Hopewell's correct title is dean of admission and marketing for Dynamy. Hopewell has no affiliation with Harvard College.

In "The anime biz: Still an adolescent" (International Business, June 27), the graphic "The sincerest form of flattery?" misspelled the first name of the creator of Akira. It is Katsuhiro Otomo.

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