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SCO smoking gun

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July 15, 2005

SCO smoking gun

Steve Hamm

I have been skeptical of SCO Group's claims versus Linux and IBM from the start. In fact, I think I invented the now often-repeated observation, "SCO isn't a company; it's a lawsuit." Well, the little nugget of fact that signals just how suspect SCO's credibility is has popped up out of the legal netherworld. Posted on the popular legal blog Groklaw, it's a 2002 e-mail from a SCO exec to CEO Darl McBride informing him that an internal investigation had found no evidence of copyright infringement.

If, as this e-mail suggests, SCO did not find evidence that Linux infringes its intellectual property, it's not only the most hated company in techdom, it's the most loathsome as well. (Rivaling the Computer Associates of the 1990s.) I'll withhold judgment, since it's possible that SCO did other investigations that found infringement by Linux or violations by IBM of their contractual arrangements. (SCO has responded to the leaked e-mail by saying the author had earlier found fragments of code in Linux that appeared to be copied from Unix, which SCO claims to own) Still, that bad smell in the air has only gotten worse.

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