Motorola: Squeezing BlackBerry?

By Roger O. Crockett Motorola (MOT) will soon unveil a challenger to the BlackBerry -- the ubiquitous mobile e-mail device made by Research in Motion -- based on Moto's sleek, hot-selling Razr phone. Dubbed the RazrBerry by gearheads, it's said to pack a keyboard and a Windows Mobile operating system onto a candy-bar-size phone just as slim as the Razr (see BW Online, 7/12/05, "For BlackBerry, a Crop of Rivals").

"It's a compelling-looking device," says Charles Golvin, a Forrester Research analyst. But he notes the cool factor won't matter much if the gizmo doesn't function as smoothly as a BlackBerry.

A Motorola spokesperson says the company won't comment on unreleased products, but techie blogs such as and have already posted leaked pics of prototypes. A version of the RazrBerry (that won't be its official name) ought to hit stores by year's end. Crockett is BusinessWeek's deputy bureau manager in Chicago

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