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Southwest Securities Keeps Strong Buy on Marvel Enterprises

The film "Fantastic Four" made $56 million. Southwest Securities says the results of the film were better than expected.

Analyst Arvind Bhatia says he believes the weekend results of the film reduces headline risk for Marvel Enterprises (MVL). He notes Marvel receives 2%-7% royalty rate for movies. To put domestic box office numbers in perspective, he says "XMen" generated $54 million on its opening weekend, and eventually made $157 million; "Hulk" did $62 million, and finished at $132 million; and "Spider-Man 2" grossed $88 million, and finished at $373 million.

Bhatia notes channel checks prior to the movie's release indicated that toys and video games were selling in-line to slightly above expectations. He reiterates a strong buy opinion and $27 price target for Marvel shares.

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