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Too Many Contingencies

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July 07, 2005

Too Many Contingencies

Chris Palmeri

Thanks to our friends at The Smoking Gun for this creepy sign of a market top. A Wisconsin man allegedly offered a real estate broker at an open house more than three times the asking price for home in exchange for sexual favors which he had conveniently already written up in a contract. This was one deal the broker didn't want to close and she prompty reported the interested party to police, who booked him on felony charges of soliciting prostitution. Facing six years in prison, he hopefully won't be looking for a home for a while.

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Real Estate Culture

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Quirky case, but the underlying truth here is that women real estate brokers are often subject to sexual harassment and abuse, mainly because their job requires them to meet "clients" in empty houses. I met with the founder of Re/Max about six months ago and he told me his firm devotes serious resources to training women real estate brokers in self defense.

Posted by: Amey at July 7, 2005 08:47 PM

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