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Supreme Court and Blogging?

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June 16, 2005

Supreme Court and Blogging?

Heather Green

Mark June 27 on your calendars, we have been told here at Businessweek (Well, ok, figuratively.) Our lawyers are watching that date because that's when the Supreme Court will decide whether it will take a case that delves into whether, under the First Amendment, there is a legal protection for journalists when they have confidential sources. (This is the CIA operative case, involving two reporters from the New York Times and Time Magazine.)

But the Supreme Court's decision could affect bloggers as well.

That's because Floyd Abrams, a lawyer for the reporters, has said in court and publicly that this reporter-source privilege should apply to bloggers as well.

If it is accepted, I think the case will start another round of discussions over how and under what circumstances these kinds of privileges, traditionally applied to journalists, would apply to bloggers.

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Nice introduction. Where's the article?

Oh... that's IT? And you call yourselves journalists? Hell: the blogs I read have higher standards that this. Doesn't BW have editors or something?

Posted by: A Reader at June 19, 2005 09:51 PM

Just saw this. Not quite sure what you are asking. I didn't write an article. This is a comment and a pointer. I blogged about the upcoming date and the impact it could have on jumpstarting this discussion again.

Posted by: Heather Green at June 20, 2005 03:30 PM

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