"If It Works For Breast Cancer..." (Science & Technology, May 23, 2005)

"If it works for breast cancer..." (Science & Technology, May 23) should have stated that Herceptin cuts the risk of breast cancer recurrence by 52% for certain patients.

In "Who's ripe for a takeover" (Personal Business, May 23), BusinessWeek screened for stocks that limited insider ownership to 20% or less. American Greetings Corp. (AM) erroneously made the list. The stock screen did not pick up the separate set of class B shares that are not traded and have 10 votes per share, which are designed to keep family control.

Michael Dell's investment in Red Hat (RHAT) was disclosed in 2004, not on Apr. 27, 2005, as stated in "Red Hat's Benefactor" in "In Biz This Week" (May 23).

The table of summer movies that accompanied "A bad case of Pixar (PIXR) envy" (Entertainment, May 16) incorrectly listed the director of Batman Begins as Tim Burton. It is Christopher Nolan.

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