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Microchunks: How each piece of media has to stand on its own

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May 31, 2005

Microchunks: How each piece of media has to stand on its own

Stephen Baker

Reading through this powerpoint on new media's economics (found on buzzmachine). It makes the point that consumers can afford "greater quantities of smaller chunks of media." The trick, of course, is to produce chunks that not only stand on their own, but can be traded back and forth and played on various media. What better example than the cellphone ringtone that rocketed to the top of the music charts in Britain? (I saw this item yesterday on Huffingtonpost but can't find the link today...) UPDATE. Heather found it.

11:55 AM

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Blogging (which is a technology for making websites easy) will become viable as a business model when ads are replaced by micropayments for content (photos, podcasts, videos, cartoons etc.)

It won't work for everyone but people like Seth Godin will probably be able to make more selling blog posts for a few cents a hit than they will books.

These economics confirm that. Excellent stuff.

Posted by: Sam Sugar at June 1, 2005 06:04 AM

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