"Why GM's Plan Won't Work" (Cover Story, May 9, 2005)

"Why GM's plan won't work" (Cover Story, May 9) should have said that General Motors Corp. spent $13.7 billion on capital projects and research and development in 2004, not $7 billion. That compares with $15.3 billion for Toyota Motor Corp.

In "Can Caremark's health hold up?" (The Corporation, May 9), BusinessWeek said that CEO Edwin M. Crawford feared that if Caremark is eventually forced to release financial details about its contracts -- either by law or by competitive forces -- it could hurt the company's bottom line. In fact, he said that he was concerned that it could result in higher prices for his customers.

In "Startup millionaires even before the IPO" (Finance, May 9), raised $48 million in January, not $30 million.

In "Watts Humphrey: He wrote the book on debugging" (Industry Insider, May 9, in some editions), the data table showing defects per 1,000 lines of code, without TCP and with TCP, respectively, should have been 120 and 50 during program development, and 1.05-7.5 and 0-0.1 in a finished program.

"Dogfight in the skies over India" (International Business, May 2) on Airbus and Boeing Co. should have said that Boeing is based in Chicago, not Seattle.

Toyota's Hydrogen Man
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