"Your New Banker?" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Feb. 7, 2005)

"Your new banker?" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Feb. 7) should have said that by some estimates, about 56 million U.S. adults have no bank accounts. And the Wal-Mart Money Center shown in the photograph (print edition) was not one of the bank branches owned by SunTrust.

In a story on developmental videos for babies, we overestimated the size of the market. ("Brainier babies? Maybe. Big sales? Definitely," News: Analysis & Commentary, Jan. 12, 2004). We believe the market is approximately $100 million in annual sales rather than the $700 million we reported.

In "Why you lost all that money" (Books, Jan. 31), the name of the former AT&T (T) CEO should have been C. Michael Armstrong, not Michael C. Armstrong.

The letter from James J. Treacy (Readers Report, Feb. 7) replying to "The future of The New York Times" (Cover Story, Jan. 17), neglected to disclose his former affiliation as president and chief operating officer of TMP Worldwide (now Monster Worldwide).

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