"When A Blackberry Is Overkill" (Technology & You, Jan. 31, 2005)

The Motorola Inc. (MOT) phone described in "When a BlackBerry is overkill" (Technology & You, Jan. 31) is the MPx220, not the MPx200. And the column incorrectly stated that the Motorola phone and Audiovox SMT5600 lack speaker-phones. Also, in "Motorola sharpens the Razr edge" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Jan. 31, print edition), the photo table descriptions of the Razr V3 and the E815 were transposed.

The NexBio drug described in "Coming Soon: A Flu Vaccine For All Seasons" (Developments to Watch, Jan. 24) doesn't block a receptor on cells, as stated. It removes the receptor.

China's Killer Profits
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