"Cornell May Be Poised For A Breakout" (Inside Wall Street, Jan. 17, 2005)

In "Cornell may be poised for a breakout" (Inside Wall Street, Jan. 17), Zachary George is an investment analyst at Pirate Capital LLC and not its head. Thomas R. Hudson Jr. is managing member of the firm.

Below the headline on "Auditors: The leash gets shorter" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Dec. 27-Jan. 3), it was stated that accounting firms would no longer be allowed to perform tax services for companies they audit. Such services have been limited but not prohibited.

In "Why collectors are crazy for Chinese art" (Where to Invest, Dec. 27-Jan. 3), we reversed the dates of the Qing and Ming dynasties. Ming (1368-1644) preceded Qing (1644-1911).

China's Killer Profits
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