"Minimum Wage: The States Get It" (Social Issues, Nov. 29, 2004)

In "Tractor plows ahead" (Inside Wall Street, Nov. 29), the ticker symbol for Tractor Supply Co. should read TSCO. And in "Why a suitor may click on," the symbol for Inc. should be TSCM.

The table accompanying "Minimum wage: The states get it" (Social Issues, Nov. 29) should have noted that Maine's minimum wage increased to $6.35 on Oct. 1 and will rise to $6.50 on Oct. 1, 2005.

In the table accompanying "The salts of the seas" (Personal Business, Dec. 6), we misspelled Belamandil Flor de Sal, a sea salt from Portugal's Algarve.

Toyota's Hydrogen Man
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