Old Brands, Renewed Appeal

By Pallavi Gogoi

Remember Spam, that mystery meat in a can? Does Popeye ring any bells? How about White Castle burgers? Maybe you're familiar with these products just from listening to your parents talk about the good old days. But chances are your familiarity will grow next year. Marketers are revving up the publicity machine to turn these darlings of yesteryear into 21st century stars.

Madison Avenue, Hollywood, and even Broadway are betting that many of these ubiquitous icon still retain some cachet. Witness the recent success of The Brady Bunch family reunions and the return of chocolate drink Ovaltine. Marketers know it's tougher to launch a new, unknown, and untested brand than to bring back oldies but goodies for a second act. "Marketers don't have to explain the brand, just build on latent appeal,"

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