"When it comes to jobs, Kerry is way off base" (Economic Viewpoint, Oct. 25, 2004)

The Economic Viewpoint column by Glenn Hubbard ("When it comes to jobs, Kerry is way off base," Oct. 25) mistakenly stated that "the 4.8% growth in real gross domestic product over the past 12 months is faster than in any such period during the Clinton years." In fact, the GDP growth rate from the second quarter of 1999 to the second quarter of 2000 was 4.85% , compared with a 4.83% GDP growth rate over the last four quarters.

"Tech's future" (Information Technology, Sept. 27) incorrectly stated that Dell Inc. (DELL) had withdrawn from the consumer PC market in China. It should have said Dell had backed off from the low end of the consumer market in China.

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