"Brokers" (Footnotes, Sept. 6, 2004)

"Brokers" (Footnotes, Sept. 6) may have left readers with the wrong impression of how much insurance they have in case their firms fail. Both full-service and discount brokers offer Securities Investor Protection Corp. coverage of up to $500,000 per account. In our table, the column labeled "coverage" should have been labeled "excess coverage" to reflect private insurance for accounts larger than $500,000.

"Fuzzy numbers" (Cover Story, Oct. 4) gave an incorrect first name for Capital One Financial Corp.'s (COF) CFO. He is Gary L. Perlin, not Greg.

"A new owner for Aspect?" (Inside Wall Street, Oct. 4) included an incorrect ticker symbol for Aspect Medical Systems (ASPM). The correct symbol is ASPM (not ASMP).

In "One Hank Aaron shirt, please" (Personal Business, Sept. 27), Mitchell & Ness provided an incorrect price for its replica 1944 St. Louis Browns warmup jacket. It is $575, not $400.

The Good Business Issue
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