The Executive Compensation Scoreboard ("Executive Pay," Special Report, Apr. 19, 2004)

In the Executive Compensation scoreboard ("Executive pay," Special Report, Apr. 19), a footnote for the Dominion Resources Inc. (D) entry on page 118 incorrectly states that CEO Thomas E. Capps left office on Dec. 31, 2003. In fact, Capps is still chairman and CEO of Dominion Resources. In a table accompanying "No wires, no rules" (Special Report, Apr. 26), the estimate for 2007 Mobile-Fi revenues was mislabeled. The correct figure is $918 million, not $918 billion. "The FCC's free-flier program is back" (Capital Wrapup, Apr. 26) reported that Federal Communications Commission staffers accepted $90,000 worth of trips paid for by FCC-regulated industries. In fact, some of the trips were paid for by universities; others by law firms, banks, and associations that serve the industries but are not FCC-regulated.

Tim Cook's Reboot
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