Online Extra: Production Index Components

Sources: American Iron & Steel Institute, Ward's Automotive Reports, Edison Electric

Institute, American Petroleum Institute, Energy Dept., WWPA? SFPA?, Association of

American Railroads

Sources: Economic Cycle Research Institute, Standard & Poor's, Moody's, Federal

Reserve, Labor Dept., Mortgage Bankers Assn. (Index: March 16, 1990=100)

Sources: London Wednesday final setting, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Metals Week, Memphis

market, NYMEX, Commodity Research Bureau

Sources: Major New York banks. Currencies expressed in units per U.S. dollar, except for British Pound and European Euro in dollars. Trade-weighted dollar via J.P. Morgan.

Sources: Federal Reserve, HSH Associates, Bloomberg Financial Markets

#Raw data in the production indicators are seasonally adjusted in computing the BW index (chart); other components (estimated and not

listed) include machinery and defense equipment. 1=Western Wood Products Assn. 2=Southern Forest Products Assn. 3=Free market

value NA=Not available r=revised NM=Not meaningful

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