"Dolby Gets Ready To Make A Big Noise" (Information Technology, Feb. 9, 2004)

The story "Dolby gets ready to make a big noise" (Information Technology, Feb. 9) stated that the technology of Dolby Laboratories Inc.'s chief rival, Digital Theater Systems Inc. (DTSI), "is in almost as many theaters as Dolby's." Dolby says its technology is in about 53% of movie theaters in North America, while DTS says its technology is in about 35%. In "Detroit tries it the Japanese way" (Industries, Jan. 26), we incorrectly stated that Joseph Phillippi was president of AutoSource. He is president of AutoTrends Consulting. AutoSource is a different and unrelated company. "Et Cetera..." (In Biz This Week, Mar. 8) contained a typographical error. It should have said that AT&T (T) plans to cut 8% of its workforce in 2004.

Toyota's Hydrogen Man
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