"J&J: Toughing Out The Drought" (The Corporation, Jan. 26, 2004)

In "J&J: Toughing out the drought" (The Corporation, Jan. 26), Johnson & Johnson's (JNJ) drug-coated stent should have been described as being embraced by cardiologists rather than surgeons. The drug Risperdal was described as being developed by J&J's Centocor. It is actually a product of the Janssen Research Foundation, a different J&J unit. Also, it should be noted that final FDA approval of Topamax as a migraine treatment is still pending. Economic Viewpoint (Feb. 16), "What India can do to catch up with China" should have begun, "Many are predicting that China will be a dominant force in the 21st century..." (not "20th"). The error was made in the editing process, not by writer Gary Becker.

China's Killer Profits
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