"A Bum Steer On Mad Cow Disease" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Jan. 12, 2004)

"A bum steer on Mad Cow disease" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Jan. 12, print version) miscalculated the percentage of cattle tested in the U.S. It is less than 0.1% of animals slaughtered, not .001%. In "Figures of the week" (Personal Business, Jan. 12), the "Worst-performing groups" label was duplicated. The "last month %" table headed by Automobiles and the "last 12 months %" table headed by Internet Software should have been labeled "Best-performing groups." In Laura D'Andrea Tyson's recent Economic Viewpoint, "Bush's borrowing is sapping our strength," Jan. 19, the word "lost" was dropped from the second sentence. It should have read: "Today, after three years of the Bush Presidency, the economy has lost close to 3 million private-sector jobs...." In the "Investment Outlook Scoreboard," ("Where to Invest 2004," Cover Story, Dec. 29-Jan. 5), the description of the (b) footnote relating to 4-year earnings growth should have read: "Final year of growth rate calculation is 2003." Also, the earnings growth for Valspar Corp. should have had the (b) footnote included.

Too Cool for Crisis Management
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