Sharper Image's Broader, Richer Focus

Q: Many retailers had a more difficult time than expected this Christmas. What set Sharper Image apart?

A: As consumers become more sophisticated, they know better values come after Christmas. We don't markdown much since we don't have much that's seasonal, but [other retailers' discounting] gets a lot of people into the malls. Our products tend to be the same year round.

Q: If this is such a good strategy, why don't more retailers do this?

A: Because they usually don't know what will sell, so they'll have hits and misses. [For every 30 hits], we have about one miss. [In the 26 years since the company was founded], I've been here the whole time. People in our buying department that buy what we don't invent have been here between and 5 years and 10 years. Our store managers have been with us 15 years to 20 years. They are fir

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