For Yum!, the Whole World Is Fat City

Q: How often do you go to China?

Novak: Two or three times a year. We found that there's nothing like being there. You cannot run China from Louisville, Ky. You have to have self-sufficient teams in overseas markets making things happen. In China, we have the same team basically that has been there for over 10 years. We have the dominant retail chain in China.

Lewis: International is so important to us. The other growth area for us is multibranding, or putting two brands together in the same retail space. It's tough to do. The industry looks at us and says, "These guys are nuts!" -- and we hope they continue to say that. But we think it's innovative. Our customers from our research tell us that they prefer two brands to one brand six-to-one. It gives them variety that's meaningful.

Novak: We think we'll get more pro

Toyota's Hydrogen Man
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