"Striking out on their own" (Cover Story, Sept. 22, 2003)

In "Striking out on their own" (Cover Story, Sept. 22), Northwestern University Kellogg School of Business alumnus Lloyd Cheu's quote should have referred to a $350 million bond deal he once structured, not a $350 billion deal. Our Q&A, "Colin Powell: On Iraq, Bush, and his job" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Sept. 22), should have said "...Baltic states added to NATO," according to the State Dept. transcript, not Balkan states. In "Sweet licensing deals for Acacia" (Inside Wall Street, Oct. 6), Paul Sethi's estimates should have read: "By the end of 2004, he figures Acacia could post quarterly earnings of 25 cents a share on run-rate sales of $35 million," instead of: "In 2004, he figures it could earn 25 cents a share on sales of $35 million." "Enron's bankers feel the heat" (In Business This Week, Sept. 29) should have noted that the three Merrill Lynch employees indicted by the Justice Dept. no longer are with the company.

Toyota's Hydrogen Man
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