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Q: Amgen -- is it too high to buy at this time?

DiLorenzo: We actually have a buy on Amgen -- and still think it's a good value if you're looking at things from the long-term perspective. We expect sales of Aranesp, Neulasta, and Enbrel to grow very solidly over the next three years. We also believe that a recent deal with Biovitrum for its investigational diabetes medication could provide a good product candidate in the second half of the decade, although it's still too early to draw any conclusions, since the drug is still in earlier-stage trials.

In 2004, we expect approval of Enbrel for the treatment of psoriasis and Cinacalcet to treat secondary hyper-thyroidism. Considering the company's growth prospects and overall product outlook, we think it's attractively priced.

Q: What therapeutic areas hold the best opportunity for blockbuster drugs?

Saftlas: There can be blockbusters in almost any area. Generally, the pharma companies try to target therapeutic areas that have large patient populations. That includes cancer or heart disease, diabetes, depression -- things of this nature.

DiLorenzo: On the biotech side, the areas where you have the greatest areas for upside would include cancer, autoimmune disorders, and neurological conditions. Those three areas probably offer some of the greatest potential.

Q: Which generic drug companies do you like for the next few years?


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