"The problem of the `lingering CEO"' (News: Analysis & Commentary, July 28, 2003)

"The problem of the `lingering CEO"' (News: Analysis & Commentary, July 28) erroneously reported that the former chief executive officer of Maytag (MYG) remained on the company's board after retiring as CEO. Leonard A. Hadley left the board in August, 1999, after turning the company over to Lloyd Ward, then returned as both CEO and a director in November, 2000. "Global Crossing: A matter of national security" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Aug. 4) incorrectly described Carl J. Grivner as the former CEO of Global Crossing. He was the chief operating officer. And it misspelled the name of the CEO of Precursor Group. The correct spelling is Scott C. Cleland. In "Figures of the Week" (BusinessWeek Investor, July 28), the total returns for Driehaus European Opportunity were incorrectly stated. The correct four-week return was 0.0%, and the correct 52-week return was 26.2%.

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