"The Global 1000" (Special Report, July 14, 2003)

"The Global 1000" (Special Report, July 14) erroneously stated that HSBC Holdings (HBC) PLC acquired Safra National Bank. What HSBC acquired in December, 1999, was Republic New York Corp. and its sister company, Safra Republic Holdings. "Sandy Weill's legacy" (Editorials, July 28) incorrectly included Golden West Financial (GDW) in a list of acquisitions by banker Sanford I. Weill. "Stock options: The fuzzy new math" (Management, July 14) misstated the impact of increasing the risk-free interest rate assumption when calculating the Black-Scholes value of stock options. Increasing the assumption will increase option values. "Expense options -- but give startups a break" (News: Analysis & Commentary, July 28) incorrectly described Joseph Blasi as an economics professor. He is a sociologist at Rutgers University. Also, the research referred to in the article was conducted with his colleagues Douglas Kruse, James Sesil, and Maya Kroumova. In "The rise of the reds" (BusinessWeek Investor, July 21), chablis was characterized as a sweet wine -- and much of the chablis marketed in the U.S. is. However, the wine that comes from the Chablis appellation of France is dry. Also, in the accompanying "Tastings" selection of red wines, the syrah depicted was misidentified. It is an Edna Valley syrah. In "How to tickle a child" (Marketing, July 7), the name of Nickelodeon's general manager was misspelled. The correct spelling is Cyma Zarghami.

The Aging of Abercrombie & Fitch
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