"Just how independent are these `lead directors'?" (Management, May 12, 2003)

Re "Just how independent are these 'lead directors'?" (Management, May 12): While William S. Kellogg does not meet the New York Stock Exchange's proposed standard for director independence, the NYSE proposal contains a provision allowing current directors who don't meet the standard to be grandfathered in during a transition period. In "This balancing act may get trickier" (International Business, May 5), Jordan's gross- domestic-product growth is incorrect in the table. It is 4.85%, not -4.85%. In "Martha: Under a cloud long enough" (The Corporation, May 19), Marc Morrone's name is misspelled. Statistics in a letter titled "Are U.S. roads really so deadly?" (Readers Report, May 19, 2003, regarding "American drivers: Stiffed on safety?" Industries, Apr. 28) refer to fatalities per 100 million kilometers traveled, not per kilometer.

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