Enron: Repeatedly Missing the Obvious

By Thane Peterson

Indications also surfaced that Skilling's immaturity and extreme perfectionism would make it hard for him to withstand the pressures of being a CEO. In the late 1990s, according to Power Failure, this man, who had once believed he would never fail at anything, personally or professionally, was talking about chucking it all and going to live on a Caribbean Island. He got divorced and went into a sort of delayed adolescence, losing weight and taking up extreme sports like rock-climbing and bungee jumping, the book reveals. Skilling took to making passes at women employees, the authors allege. They also claim he was completely miserable during his few months as CEO. To distract himself, he drank heavily and began hanging around college bars hitting on coeds half his age, according to the book.

The Good Business Issue
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