"Deregulation: Why Michael Powell is wrong" (Economic Viewpoint, Apr. 14, 2003)

Re "Deregulation: Why Michael Powell is wrong," (Economic Viewpoint, Apr. 14): Clear Channel Communications says it did not mandate that its radio stations cease airplay of the Dixie Chicks, and that its stations are operated and programmed locally based on extensive audience research.

Also, columnist Robert Kuttner referred to Senator Gordon Allott of Colorado. Allott, a former Colorado senator, died in 1989. Kuttner meant Colorado's current Republican senator, Wayne Allard. "Small-cap stars" (BusinessWeek 50, Spring, 2003, Bonus Issue) stated that New Century Financial Corp. wrote $1.47 billion in new loans, up 74% from the previous year. That figure referred to the month of January, 2003. The firm wrote $14.2 billion in new loans in 2002.

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