Readers, Andy Rooney, and Me

By Thane Peterson

The fact remains that more American and British soldiers gave their lives on behalf of the French than any other nations combined. I ask you -- how many Frenchmen have given their lives (with the exception of a handful in our own Revolutionary War) to preserve the freedom of Americans?

As an average American, I view the French as not giving one whit about American national security. I think you're smart enough to realize that France's opposition to war with Iraq is not grounded on moral principal, but rather political expediency....

One thing remains clear: No amount of liberal slander and punditry will dissuade our President from doing what he thinks is right [or] erode the overwhelming support he has from us, the American people.

-- Walter Collins, Redlands, Calif.

I know the French are no angels. My grandfather and a whole family of cousins -- fr

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