"Bond Fund Scoreboard" (Mutual Fund Scoreboard, Feb. 3, 2003)

In the "Bond Fund Scoreboard" (Mutual Fund Scoreboard, Feb. 3), the columns of letter ratings for 348 funds--comparing the risk-adjusted performance of each fund against all funds and within the same category-- were inadvertently reversed. The tables accompanying "Bond funds: Don't expect a full-course meal" and the ratings in the full Scoreboard of 1,576 funds on BusinessWeek Online are correct ( The table "Globalization goes white collar" accompanying "Is your job next?" (Cover Story, Feb. 3) should have said Delta Air Lines Inc. contracted out 600 jobs, not 6,000. Accenture says it will employ 4,500 in India and the Philippines combined by yearend 2004; it does not operate in Costa Rica. "Dividend stocks worth stocking" (BusinessWeek Investor, Jan. 27) should have noted that H.J. Heinz Co. expects to lower its yearly dividend to $1.08 a share in fiscal 2004, for a dividend yield of 3.2%.

The Good Business Issue
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