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PowerPicks Lags "500" in 2002

By Ken Shea The S&P PowerPicks 2002 portfolio -- representing S&P analysts' top picks for the year -- came up a bit short vs. its benchmark, the S&P 500 index, based on preliminary data. Although the portfolio gained some ground during December, it trailed the "500" modestly for the full year, declining 22.9% in 2002, vs. the index's drop of 22.1%. (Both figures include dividends.)

The portfolio's biggest gainers in 2002 were Chico's FAS (+43%), Pactiv (+23%), and Fortune Brands (+17%). The worst PowerPicks performers for the year included Peregrine (-99%), Andrx Group (-79%), and Siebel Systems (-74%).

During the year, 19 of the Portfolio stocks beat the "500", while 16 did not.

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