"Revenge of the retirees" (Working Life, Nov. 18, 2002)

"Revenge of the retirees" (Working Life, Nov. 18), should have said that Nynex retirees haven't gotten a pension "cost-of-living increase" from the new parent company, Verizon Communications, since 1991. In "The Stat" (BusinessWeek Investor, Nov. 18), the September outflow from equity mutual funds was the third worst, not the second-largest ever. The worst monthly cashout was July, 2002, not September, 2001, as originally reported. Because of a production glitch, the map "The new shape of Europe" in "Mega Europe" (Special Report, Nov. 25) is misaligned and mislabeled. A correct version of the map can be viewed on BusinessWeek Online at

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