"The best & worst boards" (Cover Story, Oct. 7, 2002)

"The best & worst boards" (Cover Story, Oct. 7) incorrectly reported that the Microsoft Corp. board lacks a nominating committee. The board created a committee in August and disclosed it on Sept. 19. The article also incorrectly stated that the Tyson Foods Inc. compensation committee includes two directors with business ties to the company. "The telecom depression" (Special Report, Oct. 7) should have referred to consolidator IDT Corp., not Integrated Device Technology Inc., which is a different company. In the story "Cloning: Huckster or hero?" (People, July 1), we reported that in 1999, Advanced Cell Technology Inc. announced that it had tried and failed to create embryonic stem cells. ACT actually declared the experiment a success. It was former ACT scientists and other respected scientists independent of the company who judged the attempt a failure. Also, the date of the announcement was 1998.

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