"Cloning: Huckster or hero?" (People, July 1, 2002)

Cloning: Huckster or hero?" (People, July 1 incorrectly reported that Michael West received his PhD in biology from Baylor University. He earned his doctorate in cell biology at Baylor College of Medicine. Also, the initial public offering of Geron Corp. was in 1996, not 1997. "Fall from grace" (Cover Story, Aug. 12) showed an April photo of a woman in front of a WorldCom sign, with this caption: "Unemployed and distraught in Georgia." The person pictured, Jill Stein, is an ex-sales manager at WorldCom who left voluntarily in April and is now employed elsewhere. "Jeep's identity crisis" (Marketing, Aug. 12) incorrectly stated that Toyota Motor Corp. did not sell SUVs five years ago. In fact, it has sold the Land Cruiser and 4Runner SUV models for many years.

Toyota's Hydrogen Man
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