Are You Caught in the Slump?

Can consumers continue to hold up the economy? That's the question on everyone's mind as corporate profits take their time rebounding, and the stock market keeps sliding downward. What's the answer from your perspective? That's what we're trying to determine in this Reader Survey, which isn't scientific since anyone who wishes to can participate.

How are you doing financially?

I'm in distress

I'm O.K., assuming no sudden reduction in income

I'm in good shape, with plenty of cushion

Not sure

Do you expect to receive a pay raise this year?



Not sure

How secure is your job?

Very secure

Somewhat secure

Somewhat insecure

Very insecure

I'm unemployed

Not sure

Six months from now, where do you think the economy will be?

Fully recovered

On the way to recovery


Worse than it is now

Not sure

On balance, are you more optimistic -- or less -- about your individual financial situation than you were six months ago?



No change

Not sure

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