"A black eye for labor" (The Workplace, Apr. 8, 2002)

"A black eye for labor" (The Workplace, Apr. 8) said that the AFL-CIO had pulled the plug on a campaign to pressure Lockheed Martin Corp. not to renominate Enron Corp. director Frank Savage to its own board. The AFL-CIO resumed the campaign after about a week. "Can GM save an icon?" (Cover Story, Apr. 8) misidentified the location of General Motors Corp.'s Corvette plant. It is in Bowling Green, Ky. In "Variable life insurance variables" (BusinessWeek Investor, Apr. 8), financial planner Thomas Batterman acknowledges he erred when he said that liquidating his client's variable-life policy would require paying tax on the proceeds. He says he is recommending his clients keep the policy in place while he explores other insurance options, such as term life. In "Nanotechnology" (The Tech Outlook, BusinessWeek 50, Spring, 2002), Mitsubishi's $100 million nanotech venture fund is sponsored by Mitsubishi Corp., not Mitsubishi Electric Corp. An illustration credit was missing from "Can IBM keep earnings hot?" (Information Technology, Apr. 15). Glynis Sweeny is the illustrator.

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