"Productivity: The Real Story" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Nov. 5, 2001)

Because of an editing error, the display language introducing the lead story of News: Analysis & Commentary (Nov. 5) misstated the thrust of the article. It should have read: "Productivity: The real story. Its growth is slowing, but many of the New Economy gains will survive." "Breaking free of the corporate pack" (Books, Oct. 29), a review of Good to Great by Jim Collins, should have included Fannie Mae in the list of 11 companies profiled, and not Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. "No silver lining for tech sales" (Up Front, Oct. 22) incorrectly reported that Dell Computer Corp. shipped replacement PCs to Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. after the September 11 attacks. Dell has sold more than 24,000 replacement PCs and servers, but none of them to Morgan Stanley.

The Good Business Issue
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