Reader Survey: Your Take on XP

With all the hoopla surrounding the Windows XP's launch on Oct. 25, many still question whether the latest release from the Colossus of Redmond will have mass appeal. What do you think? This unscientific poll asks some basic questions about XP. We'll post the results, with a commentary on your votes, in a couple of weeks. Weigh in, be heard. Who knows, maybe Bill Gates will be listening.

When do you plan on buying Windows XP?

Immediately after launch

Within a few months

Within a year


Don't know

Based on what you've heard so far, what would be the best reason for buying XP?

Better stability

Easier to use

More features

No good reasons

Don't know

Do you think it's fair that Microsoft is requiring home users and small businesses to buy a separate license for every PC running XP?



Don't know

How much would you be willing to pay for each additional XP license?





Don't know

How has the XP marketing campaign influenced your view of the product?



No change

Haven't seen it yet

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