"The Moping Is Over"

Welcome to the first monthly Small Business forum. A panel of small-business owners, managers and, advisers from around the country has been invited to kick off this discussion.

This month's topic is:

The Impact of Sept. 11's Terrorist Attacks on the Small Business Economy

The U.S. economy was teetering on the edge even before the terrorists struck the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Sept. 11. But the confidence of small-business owners and managers was high, with surveys taken before the attacks indicating that they felt the economy had hit bottom and things were about to improve.

The question now: Will the terrorist attacks result in a short-term slowdown or a full-scale, small-business recession? How are you preparing for the economic fallout -- for the long term and for the short term? What help would you like to see coming out of Washington?

The following are excerpts from the panel discussion. Read the full transcript in BusinessWeek Online's new Small Business Forum

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