Paint Shop Pro With Extras

By Richard Baguley To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Jasc Software has released a new edition of its popular Paint Shop Pro 7 image editing software. Though this $109 shipping package is unchanged from the version we reviewed in the November 2000 issue, it does come bundled with some great extras--notably the Animation Shop program, as well as Media Center Plus, a program for organizing and categorizing media files such as digital photos into albums.

The package also throws in a selection of filters for processing images and adding special effects; one lets you transform photos into collages, and another into pastel paintings. Many of these filters (such as Eye Candy Fire, which can easily add smoke or flames to any picture) are useful; others are older versions of filters available from their third-party makers or are demo versions that put a big stamp across the image.

Paint Shop Pro remains an extremely powerful and reasonably priced Photoshop alternative, with plenty of image processing tools inside. Still, some aspects of the program (such as the masking and the photo enhancement tools) remain difficult to use. The new filters and additional programs are nice extras. From the November 2001 issue of PC World magazine

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