"What doesn't belong in your 401(k)" (BusinessWeek Investor, July 30, 2001)

"What doesn't belong in your 401(k)" ("BusinessWeek Investor, July 30) inaccurately quoted Joel Dickson, a tax-efficiency expert at Vanguard Group, as saying that you would do better to hold an S&P 500 fund for 20 years in a regular, taxable account--rather than in a 401(k). The article should have stated that this assumes a person invested $10,500 in pretax dollars in the 401(k), vs. $10,500 in aftertax dollars in the taxable account. "The spoils of success" (The Corporation, Aug. 13) erred in saying that Immunex' drug Enbrel was pulled from the market. "In the market for a golf course?" (Up Front, Aug. 20-27) said that the purchase of Pebble Beach Golf Links by a group of American investors had fallen through. In fact, the deal closed in July, 1999.

Toyota's Hydrogen Man
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