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Goldman: Intel's Woes Raise Questions about Microsoft

Goldman Sachs says Intel's forecast of lower revenues and profits is likely to raise questions about the strength of Microsoft's (MSFT) third quarter.

Analyst Richard Sherlund says he cut his estimates for the software giant last week to reflect even more sluggish PC demand, the potential for slower server growth, and slower on-line advertising for the MSN service. Sherlund says his estimates may still be a bit high, but the stock appears resistant to his somewhat moderate revenue estimate cuts. He notes his $6.2B Q3 revenue estimate could be closer to $6.1B if he was to presume even slower server growth (implied by Oracle's recent forecast), even weaker ad revenues (implied by Yahoo!'s forecast), and slower PC growth, perhaps implied by Intel's forecast.

Sherlund maintains his EPS estimates on Microsoft, as well as his market outperform rating on the shares.

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