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Blessed are the wired, for they shall inherit the Web. Or so hopes Fellowship church of Grapevine, Tex. The Baptist church has rechristened itself and this month will launch a Web portal featuring sports scores, weather, and stock quotes. For those who consider shopping a religious experience, it'll sell books, sermon transcripts, CDs, and more. Just no stock picks from The Man Upstairs.

The 12,000-member church says the Web can reach nonbelievers. "If Christ were here in the flesh today, he would say, `Go online,"' Pastor Ed Young says. "Churches have been dinosaurs for too long." isn't a Net newbie. It has used Webcasts to flash baptisms and Christmas and Easter services around the world. Its new incarnation might even be welcomed by downtrodden dot-coms. Prayer may be their only shot at salvation.By Lori Hawkins

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