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"Curing An Industry's Ills" (E.Biz, Dec. 11, 2000)

Corrections & Clarifications

"Curing an industry's ills" (, Dec. 11, 2000)

In "Curing an industry's ills" (, Dec. 11), the stock prices of Inc. and WebMD Corp. should have been listed as follows: DrKoop shares have fallen by 97.5%, to one-fortieth of their former value, and WebMD shares have plummeted 83.33%, to one-sixth their former value.Return to top

"Microsoft's little bro"' (Information Technology, Dec. 11, 2000)

The meaning of a quote in "Microsoft's little bro"' (Information Technology, Dec. 11) was inadvertently changed. Carl Lenz, research director at Gartner Group, meant that Microsoft Corp. would not likely be a leader in business-to-business software applications.Return to top

"Workers of the world: Welcome" (Government, Nov. 20, 2000)

A table accompanying "Workers of the world: Welcome" (Government, Nov. 20) should have stated that 530,000 immigrants entered the U.S. between 1931 and 1940.Return to top

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